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Mississippi Optometry

The Mississippi Vision Foundation was first established in 1960 by the Mississippi Optometric Association. Our purpose is to engage in and work for the improvement of vision and eye care programs by establishing optometric research and educational programs, providing scholarships for those seeking to join the optometric profession, and indigent eye care programs for the improvement and betterment of vision and eye care in Mississippi.

Generous Donations

Through the generosity of many Mississippi Doctors of Optometry, underserved Mississippians are able to receive eye care and glasses. The Mississippi Vision Foundation identifies and links recipients to volunteer optometrists. Studies show that children who do not regularly receive eye exams and vision care are more likely to leave school without graduating, which contributes to the rise in Mississippi's poverty rates.

Providing Scholarships

The Mississippi Vision Foundation offers scholarships to Mississippi residents who are accepted into accredited optometry schools. Mississippi has a scarce vision coverage, and the scholarships offered through the Mississippi Vision Foundation helps lower the cost of school attendance for Mississippi students and encourage them to practice in Mississippi after graduation. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and need.

For more information about donations or ways to get involved, please call (601) 572-0845 or email

Mississippi Vision Foundation
141 Executive Drive, Suite 5
Madison, MS 39110